2017 was a really fashionable year! Combat was there, plaid blazers were there, bohemian maxi skirts were there too, the denim tuxedo rocked to the core and much more stylish trends! If you missed out on the, i’m too sorry for that…but no, here’s a showcase of the BANG BANG trends of 2017! You can … More THE BIGGEST FASHION TRENDS OF 2017 — Ainsley Louise

Denim Jeans Things!

Hello divas! New Year spirits on the rise, right? Well, before you go enjoy your New Year, I’m leaving you with one more tip to carry over to 2018: Denim Jeans Things! A typical denim jeans is a never-miss item in every person’s wardrobe. Denim can easily transition from a casual outfit to a semi-formal … More Denim Jeans Things!

#2.Liebster Award 2017 Nomination!

Hello world! Yet again, The Quintessence of Life And Style- Dalene Ekirapa has been nominated for the 2017 Liebster Award. Thanks to Sarah Hussain of Modesty in the Modern World, we’ve been nominated once again. Her blog features all about beauty, fashion, lifestyle! I mean, modesty in all aspects. Please drop by and I … More #2.Liebster Award 2017 Nomination!

How To Clash Strippes And Prints Like A Pro #Rachael Wanjiru

Hello beaus… Have you ever thought of dressing in only strippes and prints ?And still look like a pro? Then you have to know of how to clash prints like the fash pro you are. So ,on todays feature , we take a look at Racheal Wanjiru’s closet. She is a student at JKUAT and … More How To Clash Strippes And Prints Like A Pro #Rachael Wanjiru

Thrift Goodies

A lot of people have asked me how I get most of my clothes, especially in thrifts markets where I find amazing pieces. Thrifting has become a common method of shopping in today’s markets due to the rise of thrift and flea markets.So today I tell you my thrifting tips and let you see my … More Thrift Goodies

Thigh High Socks???

Hello divas! Who among you loved wearing socks? Especially when it is part of a uniform? Personally, I never loved socks unless I’m only wearing them during the cold times to keep my feet warm. But back in high school; where we had white socks with blue stripes that were a must-wear, I couldn’t wait … More Thigh High Socks???

Bargaining For Clothes At Thrift And Flea Markets

Who in the 254 hasn’t heard of the famous Gikomba market? Or Toi market? Or Ngara? Or the street markets? These are markets well known for purchasing stuff at really throw-away prices. But does throw-away always mean throw-away? Sometimes yes, they might be cheap as compared to the same for higher prices in boutiques but … More Bargaining For Clothes At Thrift And Flea Markets

How Petite Fashionistas Should Choose Pencil Skirts

Have you ever worn a really pretty pencil skirt or pencil dress and the only comment you got was that, ‘’Hey, you are sooo cute but look like some walking pole’’? Just because you weren’t well endowed in you bottom section? Haha.. trust me, I was a victim sometime back but I took it lightly … More How Petite Fashionistas Should Choose Pencil Skirts

Just Dapper!

Call it being dapper! Call it being stylish! Call it being a handsome gentleman! Call him Thomas Ngugi! Well,  a Quantity Surveyor with the utmost sense of style is he. Being  gentleman comes with so much to work on from inner character to outer character. Navy, alongside black,  is a celebrated colour when it comes … More Just Dapper!

My Ballerinas

Oh My Goodness!  I missed you a lot friends. Well, don’t worry , I was away! Wondering why? Okay, I had a lot of market work to do; just looking for a new pair of shoes for my wardrobe. How silly , right ? So while jumbling between Backyard Shoes, Mr.Price, Jade Collection and blablabla … More My Ballerinas