My Ballerinas

Oh My Goodness! 

I missed you a lot friends.

Well, don’t worry , I was away! Wondering why? Okay, I had a lot of market work to do; just looking for a new pair of shoes for my wardrobe. How silly , right ?

So while jumbling between Backyard Shoes, Mr.Price, Jade Collection and blablabla shoes shops , I landed on #DressedbyRee !

Their ballerina flats collection is just amazing! And trust me, the ballerinas are so awesome with a foldable sole and nice durable skin that you can brush or wipe. They are more comfortable and durable than doll shoes . Trust me too, they are versatile; you can put them on for work, street set or casual wear.

If you should need a shoe for your rack, please consider them…mmh! I did my ballerina for a street set ; just paired them up with my floral jumpsuit!

And yeah, today I spent my time at the roof top of our apartment. Just admiring the construction works there…did I tell you I’m in love with the construction industry? Well yeah. It’s a high time that we ladies learn to appreciate such environments and also take up work in the built environment like me! Mmhh…

Enjoy my pictures loves…

Photo Credits: Oliver Wekesa.

               /SHOE DETAIL/ 

Ballerina Flats – Dressed by Ree.




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