Pink On Black

                                                  Happy new day friends!

And on today’s look; 


                                         Chiffon Top: the Women’s Closet.

                                                    Pants: Ruiru Market.

                                          Belt: Tuskys Pioneer, Moi Avenue.

                                            Ballerina flats: (#DressedbyRee) 

The season was all about , and is still about chiffon ! I am still loving chiffons . I paired this pink chiffon top with a dark pair of pants for a bit of distinctiveness . Everything was up for a clean and rhyming finish. 

With just some of my favorite accessories : my hot pink handbag and chain, and this leather belt that literally goes with everything. My ballerinas too , right?

I love chiffon ; so light for the hot weather and will leave you feeling fresh but please if you easily sweat , embrace a cotton spaghetti top; cotton absorbs sweat yeah!

        Photo Credits: Nixon Ekirapa.




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