A Year Older; Romper Time

When the cry of a new born princess is heard, the palace joins in a celebration of happiness…and my heart sings out warmly too…

                  “Happy birthday to me…Happy birthday to me…

                    Happy birthday dear Gracey…Happy birthday to me…

                    How old I’m now? How old I’m I now?

                    Happy birthday dear Gracey…Happy birthday to me!”

Ahaaa! I salute everyone who took part in supporting me until I turned a year older and how I pray for the continuity of your support. Special thanks to Nyajani Kuon, girlfriend, who helped me share joy on my birthday with some retrica pics!

                           Oh my! April , 15th! I love you!

My big gratitudes are to God and how I pray to know him more and seek for his guidance in this journey of life. I am now a year older. And some days….oops! And I thank God.


So this is how I dressed for my big day with my girl friend and the Nyama Choma Crew Promoters @Nairobi Finnest. And I rocked, and we rocked indeed!

I recently got an awesome official romper during one of my market endevours here in Ruiru. It can be worn with a belt or waist ties; just as you please . And also if you are so courageous unlike me to wear them that way, that is fine! But I wore my romper shorts with a tight and a waist tie. Came out much decent, right?

And yeah, I had my ankle boots on and a blazer! Fab!

Romper shorts are on trend , and you would not want to miss out on even one; from denim(so classy, heavy and warm), to cotton(sweat absorbent and warm), to chiffon(light for warm seasons). All that at your disposal.

However, it is important to determine your specific interest when choosing rompers for purchase. Aside from the fabric, consider the height (quite a longer one if you would want to wear them alone), the width size to ensure you don’t purchase an oversized one – they don’t look nice at all and the design; some ladies love bare backs, others strapless while others T-shirt types.

Cool! Now you know. Kisses from my pink lips…😙

                 ***Happy happy birthday to me ***

                     #Rich Photography (+254707923223)




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