A Love Letter To The Night

And I pen a love letter to the night,

“Oh dear night, we sometimes channel emotions just by looking at you…

Just to feel your cold breeze brush through our skin gently ; Just count the millions of stars ; While making countless wishes for our better tomorrow; As we observe our silhoutte in the dark ; And try and draw our shadow in the dark ; Then look at the minute clouds up there…

All that blablabla….just in celebration, and appreciation of your darkness . And the beauty of your star-splashed skynight.

Oh Night . I don’t know if I should call you my Mr.Right? Or my Mr. Night? You tell me…or us, rather… Indeed seeing you is always awesome. And Godsent! But only when you are in your happy moods…not when you cry . We know, when you cry , we only have to sleep.

Ooh my! So last night you looked so lovely…and I celebrate you. So just to keep me warm and sexy out with you were my pallazo pants and sweater crop top accesorised with dangly earrings, a pendant and a watch. My sandals ; not an exception!

Palazzo pants – George Clement designs.

Sweater top – Ngara Market.

Cheers@Job Photography –  Contact (+254 715 478138 )
A million and one best wishes from you to us!”

Yours  Lovely….





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