Jumia Black Friday Fest!

First things first!  Apologies for the long moment of silence. After 5 good months of MIA, I’m back with more in store. I will do a detailed post of what I was up with during my MIA time but for now, it’s JUMIA time.

Black Friday Fest Time!!!


Jumia online shopping mall – known for its exclusive clothing, shoes,electronics,perfumes,home and office appliances, mobile phones, tablets and so much more – is back with goodies in store for all of us, the Jumia Black Friday Fest is here from 13th November to 13th December!!!Yeey!

IMG_20171030_152608_942These means 31 good days of shopping!IMG_20171030_152555_421

What happens then?

(1) There will be mega flash sales.

If you are an online shopping devotee,  then I’m sure you always watch out for the deals of the day!  When it is all about promotional sales going down that you would not miss for anything. PS: MARK the date!  You don’t wanna miss this fest either!

(2) Mega discounts any day any time!IMG_20171030_152509_134

Who really wouldn’t want to spend less for more? We yearn for that no wonder we buy 200sms at 10shillings, or 150mb Blaze Power Bundles at 19shillings so why not yearn for the same when it comes to products that we wouldn’t acquire cheaply on random days? Imagine up to 90% discount just to make your shopping so easy and convenient…well,  I’m counting on this to update my wardrobe really.

(3) Giveaways Daily!

And I mean free things!  Free things for free! If you don’t enjoy free stuff,  please find your way into Mars because here on Earth, I’m yet to come across someone who doesn’t enjoy grabs for free!  An Infinix Hot Pro is currently up for grabs from Jumia and you can look at their Facebook Page for this. People are so determined to win this but don’t worry because more is up for grabs. Treasure hunts will be there and also free voucher giveaways… Yeeeey!

(4) New deals!  New things!IMG_20171030_152622_447Jumia will also be bringing to us Sauti Sol music TUJIBAMBE DAILY with also dance challenges for us to take part in. You can be sure it is gonna be fire!

How To Get Ready For The Fest.

(1)Save! Save! Save! You don’t want to miss out of what you love because of an empty pocket…

(2)PS: Download the Jumia App on Google Play Store to ensure you are reminded of the date and awesome discounts daily.

You can pay via M-Pesa on delivery or via your debit card or M-Pesa immediately you stock your shopping cart so get ready!

This year’s Black Friday is back and better surely!  I promise to let you know of every stuff I buy during the fest! IMG_20171030_152636_038Ciao!

Happy shopping!





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