How To Shop Online, For Outfits

Jumia Black Friday is already here and banging the market waves with treasure hunts, voucher giveaways, amazing deals and great discounts. What does this mean for you? Especially for an online shopper like you? Well, it should mean a season of celebration, right? Well, this is just but one great thing about shopping online but what tips should you know when shopping for outfits online?

With the storm of technology in the fashion world, every brand is working hard to find its space online. From the Amazon, to Ebay, to Rose Wholesale, to Forever 21, to Asos, to Adidas being the old online shopping giants, now we are having our own brands here in the 254 getting their spaces online: Jumia being the greatest, Kilimall, La’Belle fashions who operate using their Facebook page and many more. This is very convenient since everyone is embracing technology nowadays. But what if you get it wrong?

Shopping online for outfits requires tips, and skills…ride along to find out…


  •   Always shop from reputable brands.

This will ensure you purchase the right quality stuff at the right price and help you avoid online fraud boutiques and stores who take advantage of unsuspecting customers.


  1. These brands have a great return policy that will ensure your final product is of your desired taste and free from spoilage.
  2. They will have a good payment policy either using your credit/debit card or         M-pesa : PS-avoid payments where a person’s name pops up if you are buying from an online website, it should be the name of a reputable brand and can be accounted for.
  3. These websites are usually secured thus you can trust the safety of your account. To know of trusted and encrypted stores, check out for a padlock in the browser or ”https://” URL into the website.
  4. Most of these online stores will have reviews from previous shoppers and this is a great sign of a reputable online store. Reading through these reviews will give you more confidence of buying the outfit.
  • Open accounts with these brands.

This is the best way to ensure you are aware of sale and clearance seasons. It will also ensure you get coupon codes and great giveaways.

  • Avoid crazy offers.

Have you ever wondered after seeing a dress whose market price is usually @1500 then some street hawker sells it to you @300? The first thing that comes to your mind is that is it a stolen product or not good enough, right? Well, the same thing happens online. Be wary of crazy discounts especially when paying with your credit card because you might end up losing more money than expected since it will be deducted and mind you, they got very poor return policies.

  • Always know your size.

This is mandatory especially when purchasing trousers and skirts alongside other outfits. Knowing the measurements for example of : your bust , waist, hip, inseam, length/height, arm length will be vital in determining your proper fit.

In addition, these online boutiques will always provide sizing charts below each outfit’s description so if you know your original size; it will be easy to purchase an outfit after picking out your size. If so unsure about your size, then buy a larger item and with the help of a good tailor, you can trim it to your desired fit.

  • Evaluate images very keenly.

Below every outfit is usually a detailed description of the product. For example, the color, type, material, fabric, design, producer, price, the product’s images and much more details. Look at these details very keenly to ensure what you buy is just what you want and nothing different.

Hence, the importance of knowing the fabric and design of an outfit you want to purchase. If necessary, research about these fabrics before deciding to buy it just for familiarity.

  •  Always make a shopping list whenever you want to buy online.

Trust me, things are great online and you might end up purchasing what you might never wear. Here is where your list comes in handy to ensure you buy only what you need. This will also help you to keep up to your budget and avoid overspending.

  • Buy in bulk.

Avoid buying one outfit from each and every online store. Once you have drafted your shopping list, get to a website like Jumia and look out for most , if not all, of these outfits there while adding to your shopping cart before you  pay out.

This is especially beneficial where you’ll have to pay for delivery fees of your product since you will just pay the small fee once than having to pay much fees in bits in order to get your delivery.

Otherwise, it might at times ensure you get a significant amount off your final cost and even land you free delivery.

  • Embrace the men’s section once in a while.

Men’s outfits are known for great quality so if you’re buying outfits of loose silhouettes like tees, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, timberland shoes and the like, get them from the men’s section and you can be assured of their quality and durability.

  • Try on clothes once delivered.

Most online stores will have a limited time frame for all the returns willing to be made by their customers. Thus, once the delivery is at your doorstep, try it out and look at it keenly to ensure it is in the right shape because once you delay, you will be unable to return it.

Do not remove the tags and stickers from the cloth until you have verified that it is of your desired taste.

  • Check out properly.

Once your cart is full to your satisfaction, always go through the store’s shipping costs to ensure you can afford it.

Provide your name and address but nothing more to the extent of your bank account details and too vital information. This might be a scam store ready to take you in for a ride.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure of great shopping online for outfits…well, please take advantage of the Jumia Black Friday like I am.

Happy Shopping!




18 thoughts on “How To Shop Online, For Outfits

  1. Great tips! I usually find sizing to be an issue online though – so try to check measurements rather than just a standard size, particyularly if they’re sized from a different country! I hate having to send things back!


  2. These are great tips! I always struggle a bit with sizes when buying online but I must say once you put to practice your first advice for shopping with reputable brands it never goes wrong, it’s normally as exact as they say. Thank you for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great tips! I’ve always found that mens clothing seems to last a lot longer than women’s.. If I knew for certain that they would fit I’d definitely try shopping from their section for a change!


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