How Petite Fashionistas Should Choose Pencil Skirts

Have you ever worn a really pretty pencil skirt or pencil dress and the only comment you got was that, ‘’Hey, you are sooo cute but look like some walking pole’’? Just because you weren’t well endowed in you bottom section? Haha.. trust me, I was a victim sometime back but I took it lightly since I learned to embrace my shape and dress it appropriately. Before, I never minded on the kind of pencil skirt I bought but now, I am very keen in getting the best one for my shape that will surely turn heads.

One thing is for sure, curvaceous ladies will never have a problem with pencil skirts since any kind will be fine for them. But when you are tall, and petite or narrow hipped ; then there comes a problem. I’ll mostly go for either minis, or knee-high midis or thick/airy maxis but what if I want to do a pencil skirt to the office or anywhere else???

Then , I follow these …


  • Go for fabrics that stretch usually.

When buying pencil skirts, always look at not just the price tag but also the brand tag which will usually show the fabric of the skirt among other details.

One way to know a fabric that stretches is looking out for SPANDEX , or LYCRA as its brand name. Observe if it is between 2-3% since too much stretch is also not good-looking  for our skirts. In other occasions,the percentage of spandex may exceed 3% and go up to 10%, while the percentage of polyester is quite higher like 70%-95%; this is still an okay skirt that will provide enough stretch provided its thickness is regular.

Also, you can observe if the fabric contains POLYESTER; this does not stretch and looses shape as it ages especially after wearing too much. If you love the skirt and it has polyester, then let it have some percentage of spandex.

Furthermore, you can also avoid buying the skirt if it contains RAYON in the tag only unless it is mixed with SPANDEX . Trust me, Rayon provides little to no stretch and can just tear up especially if it’s too small or tight since it is used to make lighter clothing.

  • Prefer medium-weight fabrics

This includes heavy cotton/cotton corduroy,wool crepe, linen, blends of cotton and linen, twill, lightweight denim, velvet especially cotton velveteen and knits too . Due to their heavy fabric, they will help to add volume to petite frames.

Cotton corduroy is an old trend that is coming back and it is usually ribbed.

Sweater skirts are knitted and add a vintage appeal to your style; they are thick enough. Most knits will contain viscose; commonly known as RAYON ( For example: 70% viscose and 30% polyester) that makes it quite light.

Wool crepe is as heavy as cotton, is lightweight and also elastic.

Twill is the fabric well known for making khakis and chinos, mostly for trousers. It resists wear for longer and hardly wrinkles of shrinks. Khaki skirts are awesome especially if they contain spandex. For example: a khaki skirt with 60% cotton,5% spandex,35% polyester is a nice skirt that is not too stiff yet thick enough.

Velvet is mostly known for making cover materials for sofa sets and is heavy enough for a great pencil skirt especially if mixed with cotton to form cotton velveteen.

  • Avoid silk and satin for your pencil skirts

These are too thin and wont add enough volume to your narrow hips.

  • Pencil skirts for official purposes

If you don’t want to buy stretchy pencil skirts , maybe because you want a nice official pencil skirt, then opt for worsted suited fabrics. These fabrics are easy to pleat and crease, become shiny when ironed improperly under inappropriate heat and they have a smooth-hard surface. You can also opt for genuine leather or suede and ensure the skirt is not too tight, but just fitting enough.

  • Go for skirts with slits or skirts with zips at the lower front or back.

They will give room for movement thus easing your walking and also not squeeze your petite frame together.

  • Opt for detailed skirts occasionally.

These could mean skirts with: zips, florals, prints,buttons ,frills, ruched designs and open slit buttons which will naturally add an admirable detail to your frame. I especially love pencil skirts with front zips and front slits than non-slit skirts.

  • Always know the size of your waist, and high waist for that matter.

The high waist is the point above your belly button but below your rib cage. It is at the high waist where the waist band of your skirt should lie when wearing it.  When purchasing  pencil skirts, go for high waists that come out so nice.

  • Prefer knee-length pencil skirts.

Knee-length pencil skirts look great in comparison to midi pencil skirts especially if you want to look both sexy and decent but you can also opt for mini pencil skirts as long as you pair it well to ensure you don’t look like you borrowed your younger sister’s skirt. This can be your signature style: knee-length pencil skirts, right?

  • Buy from reputable stores.

I’d advice you purchase them from boutiques, malls, online stores like Jumia or supermarkets because their skirts have the tags that will describe the material. If you have to buy in markets, know that some won’t have tags so you’ll have to know the exact feel of great materials.

And yeeeeey!!! With those easy tips, you can be sure that you’ll add a cute number of pencil skirts to your wardrobe. Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing a number of the cute pencil skirts I own. Happy Shopping!!!



























24 thoughts on “How Petite Fashionistas Should Choose Pencil Skirts

  1. I’ve never thought about buying a pencil skirt, because all of the ones I’ve tried on in the past haven’t fit properly – if I’m ever in the market for one I’ll definitely use these tips for choosing a good one that actually fits!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad dear; and I’d advice you purchase them from boutiques, malls, online stores like Jumia or supermarkets because their skirts have the tags that will describe the material. If you have to buy in markets, know that some won’t have tags so you’ll have to know the exact feel of great materials.


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