How To Shop In The Men’s Section

‘I was busy thinking ’bout boys!’… Oh yeah, Charli XCX did a real beat there. And ‘I am also busy thinking ’bout ”boy’s” clothes’..They say that apart from his love, there are also his clothes to have!!! Usually, I find myself inheriting my brother’s outfits occasionally, starting from his bomber jacket oh my! To his sandals, to his button-down shirt, to his Ts…and not forgetting all his mavins and some shoes. Oh no! What a crawler chic I am! And I’m sure you ain’t an exception, right?

We all appreciate men’s clothes for their durability and quality. They are go-to basics that will never run out of style like women’s outfits that come in and out of style sooner before you can even own it. So I’ve taught myself to quit inheriting my brother’s outfits and go get them myself from the men’s section whenever I’m out for shopping. I’m glad to be sharing with you today…ride along…


  • Knowledge on Cost Variation

The best places to buy men’s outfits from are usually boutiques than in thrift stores. Thrift and flea markets sell men’s outfits more expensively than women’s clothing in thrift markets. For example, you can get a white tee going @200 in the men’s section while the same still goes @30 in the women’s section. Not that 200 shillings is way too expensive, it is just 5 more tees in the women’s section. Haha! Usually, be ready to spend more in thrift markets for men’s clothing.

However, shopping for men’s outfits in boutiques tends to be way cheaper. In multiple circumstances, I’ve bought outfits from this section that trade for a higher price when in the female department. This is why I love shopping for outerwear like bomber jackets and accessories like watches and shoes-timberland boots from the men’s. I’m assured of their quality and the value of my money is reciprocated.

  • Know what to buy

Many say that men’s clothes are unisex and I might as well back them up on this. These clothes are conservative of the color and not the usual pinks we are used to seeing and wearing. Great monotones and pastel shades can be found here for sure. I especially shop for shirts in this section, Ts, bomber jackets,belts, jumpers, sneakers, pajama pants and sweats which are the best here.

  • Get The Right Size and Fit

Men are more muscular that women so usually, their clothes are not extra smalls. So what do you do when you want to purchase them?

As a consideration, always know your sizes in actual centimeters(cm) and inches too when shopping in the men’s section than just settling for a size just because it was the smallest there. Then look at the sizing charts and conversion charts in case they might be there.

1.For Tees and Sweaters 

Since men are more muscular, their Ts and sweaters will tend to have an extremely high neckline. So, if uncomfortable with this, you can opt for their V-necks and scoop necks. They will also tend to be longer at the torso which is very advantageous for those who do not love crop tops and those who don’t cherish camisoles and spaghetti tops. You can opt to tuck it in during pairing.

Their Ts are thick so no matter what type of textured bra you have on, you won’t worry about it showing up apart from the Tee hiding your bra straps so well.

When picking these, know your arm-length, the length of your shoulder blades, your chest area(when buying Ts especially) and the length of your torso.

2. For Pants

The sizes of men’s trousers will vary according to the country of origin, the style and cut, the waist position of the pants and the plus-sizing hence quite a hell when choosing them.

Men’s pants will not cut in at the waist like women’s , most will not be trimmed in at the lower leg to pencil pants and will not sag in at the rear as well. Thus, if you are looking for great mom jeans, you can find them in this section.

Before picking, be familiar with several measurements: in-seam( the length from the crotch to the hem of the pants), the length of your waistband and the size of your hips (if especially curvy) since men’s sizes are indicated by actual waist and in-seam measurement numbers.

If slender, consider your in-seam and waist measurements mostly when choosing while curvy women should consider all the 3 measurements.

For an old hack, you can add 21 cm to the size of your waistband(cm) to get the length of men’s pants that will almost, if not fit you well. For example: I am a size 29 , so 29+21=50; when choosing , I’ll look for a size 50.

Also, jeans might have a different way of showing sizes,especially if it’s from a trendy label. For example when you see 30/34, that shows the waistband and pant length sizes in inches.

Basically, when shopping online, look at the size chart for the brand you are shopping from , see what the brand says is the size for that measurement and try 1 size up to accomodate any error.

3. For Shirts

The best button-downs are sold in the men’s section.

These shirts will not come in at the waist like women’s thus not too roomy at the waist. Curvy women will thus have a problem buttoning the last few buttons.For a balanced look,tuck in the button downs too.

They tend to be 3-4 inches longer than women’s button downs and wider at the shoulders and sleeves. Thus, when picking them, know your exact measurement (preferably in cm) of: the length of your torso, the length of your sleeves and the length of your shoulder blades.

It is also quite easy to get petite sizes here since they come in XXS and XS sizes that you can opt for.

4. For Shoes

Men’s shoes tend to be wider and longer than women’s shoes thus it might be hard to find the right size especially if you love their loafers, timberland boots, sneakers and sandals.

Hence, for an old trick, subtract 2 sizes from the size of men’s shoe you are picking and you can quite trust about its fit.

Also, you can op for the boy’s section if it proves hard to find your size in the men’s department.

  • Find A Good Tailor

Due to the larger size of these clothes at times, a good tailor will come in handy to nip and tuck an outfit at the right places.

I’d advise that before you go shopping for men’s clothes online, try to first familiarize yourself on shopping for the same in physical stores. Just choose the right store where you wont feel uncomfortable shopping with a million men and choose your right fit.  You can create a ‘cheat sheet’ from this, especially for the sizes so that when you decide to go online, you will have a better idea of what size to pick in order to be sure of the right fit.

Do you shop in the men’s section too? If so, please share with us how you do it in the comment section below. Happy shopping!!!




30 thoughts on “How To Shop In The Men’s Section

  1. I’ve never thought to by button downs from the men’s section, but that’s such a good idea! I have a large chest, so I always get pulling in that area with women’s shirts. But when I go up a size or two then it’s super baggy in the shoulders and arms. I’ll have to check out the men’s section next time I’m in a store!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting article. I have been buying men’s tees for about a year now because 1- they last longer and 2- they are half if not a third of the price.
    I’ve never considered shoes before though, might look the next time I’m in the market.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. While reading this article, I just double checked, whether I am reading it wrong or women do really shop from men’s section.. (ha..ha.ha) But now I realize its not a bad idea either 🙂 Loved your tips and tricks of subtracting the size to get a perfect match.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Haha! You have to find me in the men’s section and you’ll be surprised! And about hoodies, they came out as men’s outer wear but because we love them too,we just have to get them from the men’s! I dont trust women’s hoodies- they’re too thin unless custom-made. Thanks.


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