Thigh High Socks???

Hello divas!


Who among you loved wearing socks? Especially when it is part of a uniform? Personally, I never loved socks unless I’m only wearing them during the cold times to keep my feet warm. But back in high school; where we had white socks with blue stripes that were a must-wear, I couldn’t wait for evening to come so that I could get rid of the socks and let my feet breathe.

But wait! What I’m wondering is where the sudden love for socks came from? Maybe it Is nature’s law of compensation as my teacher of Physics always put it. And he said, ‘’if you don’t do what you have to do now, you will do it later.’’ I hated socks back in high school but I’d be lying if I say that that’s the case at the moment. For a fact, I have around six different pairs of socks in my wardrobe: from ankle socks to thigh-high socks and I’m so in love with them.

With the current trend of thigh-high boots everywhere, the pressure to acquire such is so overwhelming but what if you can’t acquire such? Because…trust me; they cost quite some hefty notes- going for 3000 shillings to 5000 shillings here in Kenya. So, here is a trick, when you can’t buy these, please stock a number of thigh-high socks and let me show you their magic in creating an illusion of thigh-high boots.



  • They have a cute slimming effect to the legs, especially if you have tall, skinny legs.
  • They are too sexy so prepare to get a bold look that will turn heads, revealing chic style.



  • Pick a pair of socks that are medium-weight and stretchy.

Very thick ones look might dig your skin that it even hurts to wear apart from them looking like you got your baby sister’s stockings or a footballer’s socks lol! While very light ones will lose shape too fast and won’t fit so well above the knee. Remember these are socks, not stockings!

  • When picking, try pulling the elastic top to see how firm yet stretchy it is.

If it is firmer, you can be sure that they will hold up their place above the knee for longer than when they are quite loose ones fall off now and then.

  • The foot of the socks should perfectly fit your foot.



1. Balance is the key.

Trust me, you can wear thigh high socks and look so out of place, in fact, very trashy and confused. I’d advise wearing these socks if you’re doing a casual outfit.

Balance your look with conservative tops, bottoms and layers unless you want all eyes on you! I prefer going for bohemian pieces here like proportionately flowing tops, kimonos and oversized tops and sweaters for a casual look than fitting ones.


Dress subtly with not-so-sexy pieces, not-so-bold outfits and not-so-patterned outfits. For example: you can layer an olive green kimono over a cute black pair of a top and shorts then finish with the black thigh-highs .Or a white shirt dress and black thigh-highs too. Or a nice romper and the thigh-highs.

Avoid wearing too much pieces like a mountain hiker when wearing these. That’s why I’ll always do only short dresses, miniskirts and shirt dresses while avoiding too much layers when I’m dressing down with thigh high socks.

2. Mind the occasion.

Don’t tell me you’ll wear thigh-highs on a casual Friday or Saturday day at work or other formal events? Hell no!! They are so provocative so better do incorporate them during a fun weekend daytime look like a brunch with the girls.

3. It is best to consider darks and neutrals.


Black, navy blue, dark blue and dark gray are very conservative colors for thigh-high socks. These dark shades will tone down the outfit and make them look acceptable even before many.

Light-colored socks will also look like a school girl’s socks rather than a diva’s socks.

If you’re adventurous, rather go for subtly-stripped socks. For example: a black pair of socks with 3 stripes at the top.

4. Consider tights once in a while.

If you are still not daring enough to wear them as they are, you can incorporate tights in your outfit, especially sheer tights or fishnets but ensure you match the color to maintain an unbroken appearance of the socks when someone sees you.

5. Your shoes matter a million times.


Keep it simple with flat shoes or low heels. I mostly advocate for ankle boots, be it heeled boots or flat boots in order to bring out a great thigh-high boots illusion.

Match the color of the shoe with the color of the socks for a clean appearance. Avoid bold shoes that will create a disjointed look.

Ensure you wear closed shoes. We don’t want to see your toes covered in socks peeping through! It looks so childish and ugly!!!

Divas, thigh high socks are not for the shy. They are show-stopping pieces that you’ll need in your wardrobe. So here I share my look…




Thigh Highs- Thrifted.

Denim shirtdress- J.B Msodoki’s Boutique

Ankle boots- Jevanjee mall, stall 12.

Photo credits: Henry Were Photography ( +254799062104   )


You love it? Lemme know in the comment section below…



14 thoughts on “Thigh High Socks???

  1. You made quite a whole lot of points concerning the high thigh socks .. And I think the high thigh socks is like a camouflage, which makes ankle boots looks like high heel boots 👢 , especially when they’re both of the same colours..
    Isn’t that so? Just like the one you had on. Which by the way looks awesome on you

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  2. Its a great start Dalene,thigh high socks are good if used correctly I.e need correct match wear and occasion. Am the first to go for them….congrats

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I personally think thigh high socks are a great bold look if worn the right way. You’ve got great taste and your outfit is a good example for others to wear. Unfortunately, I see women in these socks and they aren’t sticking to the right styling tips, so they appear trashy. Love the fashion advice and your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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