Thrift Goodies

A lot of people have asked me how I get most of my clothes, especially in thrifts markets where I find amazing pieces. Thrifting has become a common method of shopping in today’s markets due to the rise of thrift and flea markets.So today I tell you my thrifting tips and let you see my latest thrift treasures.



  • Master Market Locations

From my own thrifting experience, I have come to terms with some markets which have almost everything. If you have in Nairobi , you have an upper hand daily . From the famous Gikomba market to Ngara market to Muthurwa market to Toi market along Ngong road .If in the outskirts ,please visit the Roysambu stalls daily or Ruiru market on Wednesday or Saturday or you can also visit Githurai market every Sunday.These are the markets that usually frequent where it is so easy to get gems for less!

Frequenting such markets will help you learn of where some clothes are sold from like where tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories are specifically sold from. It will also help you gain courage of bargaining where necessary since you will be familiar with the market.

  • Never judge a book by its cover!

To start with, clothes sold at thrift and flea markets are usually affordably cheap. They will either be hung over boards, piled over carpets or boards too ,carried over the seller’s shoulders in a very rough manner. These ‘mitumbas’ as famously called could look so dirty, creased and ugly from a far but once you get close and start going through the piles ,the story changes. It only needs patience and a keen eye.


Something true is that if you love designer clothes you can get them here so keep, up the trends. Even those clothes you see on TV worn by celebrirties you admire can be found here too.

But please, rules of spotting counterfeits apply here. I shared 10 giveaways of fake clothes,that could also mean clothes in bad shape HERE.     (  ).Drop by and have a look please.

Once lucky go do the laundry and iron what’s necessary. Also be ready to amend some like trimming and some repair where necessary to come up with a unique clothes that will leave all eyes on you. Trust me, the awesome pieces can be hidden in a rubble of shoddy clothes.


  • Set a date.

Thrift shopping entails much patience so create time out of your schedule to visit these market to ensure you buy only what you need( It’s always there).

Carry a shopping list of all you want to buy according to priorities in order to stay within your budget and to ensure you spend enough time trying to find them. Be patient when going through the stacks of clothes and have a keen eye as I said.

Having the whole day to yourself and the market will give you time to bargain where necessary since haggling takes time in order to get proper discounts. Want tips? Read here:

It will also ensure you are keen on spotting clothes that are in bad shape like torn sides, broken buttons, hanging hemlines, stained clothes and much more faults.

So I got these thrift goodies and here’s a breakdown of costs.


A pair of black trousers– 100 shillings ,bargained down from 350 shillings.

Long-sleeved chiffon top-200 shillings,bargained down from 400 shillings.


Platform heels- J.B Msodoki’s boutique


Classic handbag- La’belle fashions.


Enjoy more of my pictures loves….

Photo Credits: Rich photography (+254727270427)





Have you had luck in thrift markets? I’d love to know too…





37 thoughts on “Thrift Goodies

  1. Fantastic advice! And if how you look is anything to go by, then wow! You look stunning.
    I’m a big fan of second hand shops, some of the stuff has never even been worn. As you say, a keen eye and patience can go a long way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the saying “Never judge a book by its cover”. Thrift shopping involves spending lot of time and testing your patience. One needs to look at many a vendors before selecting the desired one. Thanks you for writing such an amazing article.

    Liked by 1 person

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