Meet The Fashion Model: Keziah Oluomi

Hey Divas!

Today on the blog we are humbled to have a fashion model with us; she’s a graduate of Kenyatta University going by the name Keziah Oluomi. She is a great friend and I’m glad she had a chitchat with me concerning her career in fashion modelling. Ride along to find out….


1.What does fashion modelling entail ?

Fashion modelling is mostly about being on runways and showcasing designer clothes and accessories plus shoes too… Involves showcasing trends and their evolution in the fashion world.


2. What inspired you to be a model? And what keeps you on toes daily in your career?

What inspired me to join modelling is the platform that comes with it…the fact that you can get a platform to reach out to people,take on projects to help people all over Kenya and around the world, and be able to influence them and their lives positively. I knew I wanted to model when I saw that I can use that platform to reach out. This really drives me.

3. So far, how much have you been able to reach out? To the society at large?

I am part of a group called The Initiative in which we did many projects . Just to name a few: fashion for charity where the proceedings we got were sent to charity organizations ,then we did eco-fashion just to sensitize about the environment and the things we can do to keep it eco-friendly, then did fashion for cancer to support the cancer victims with donations etc..

4. How did you start out?And when did you?

So I started out In first year but I was really shy. I remember I did this one peagant show then I hung my boots for a while. So one day I took a friend of mine to audition then she was like ‘let’s audition all of us…’ And I got picked so since then I never looked back… Here we are.


5. Tell us about one of your most interesting moments?

My most interesting moments have been on the runway. You get on stage and people can’t stop screaming as you walk on the runway and people are clapping and cheering.


If you know how that feels ; it’s so awesome knowing that there’s people out there that recognize what you do and support you apart from your family and friends.



6. Share with us your worst moments?

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚( laughing) Models fall on stage but personally I haven’t. My worst moments are actually not being picked after auditions but they have always been my greatest learning lessons on what to do in the next auditions.

7.What has been the biggest challenge in modelling for as far as you have come? How did you overcome it, or rather, how are you?

Biggest challenge? Height 🀣
I’m a 5’7 and sometimes you go for auditions and they want 5’9 or 6 onwards you can’t compete with that; I’m not short.. But am not as tall too.

Luckily God has me sorted … I train and ensure I have the best walk in the room that will get me picked.

8. Share with us your quick fix, in terms of your style?

Red lipstickπŸ”₯
It transforms me so quick that I’m a new person at once with red lipstick. (I can atest to that too)


9. Some of the designers you’ve worked with?

Recently, I have worked with Ohanna swimwear (@ohanna.swimwear).


I have also worked with @yvonne_Kareh, @grace_ndunge, @Eddy_click_ , @mwakasekina among other designers.

10. Your 5 must haves? And your signature style?

5 must haves ? Perfume ,wipes, lipbalm ,phone (because it has the e-Books I read ,my Bible is in there,most of my documents etc) moisturizer or face ponds because my skin is super oily.

I’m a sucker for perfumes …my best is Polo Blue and Invictus but there’s also by Calvin Klein (a must have) called ETERNITY which is my current.

My signature hairstyle is curls or anything that is blonde..

My dressing style is dresses and heels ..even on a regular day unless an on the beach then it’s shorts.


11. Indeed beauty with a purpose!Β Most ladies of late will join modelling because they have the body but you’re doing it with a purpose, what can you advise them? And also young models in the industry?

Yes so many people think that modelling is all about the glitz and the glamour and wearing the amazing designer clothes and because they have a body for it but that’s just part of it. There’s just so much people can do when modelling and not everyone with a small body can model. Modelling is an art and requires so much discipline,commitment and endurance. For the young and upcoming models, put God first in all you do, train hard,eat well,go to as many auditions as you can, and again train so hard because practice makes perfect…if it doesn’t work out today it will work out. Tomorrow because there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and never allow anyone to discourage you . You’re the best!


12. What are your future goals concerning modelling? Joining Miss World competitions too?

The future is so uncertain bearing in mind that I have to graduate and get a job but modelling-wise I’ll probably do more high fashion shows ,do magazine covers and advertising . Am a fashion model and Miss World is peagant but you never know.. If opportunity ever arises why not?


Follow Keziah on Instagram @Kay_fizzl and get inspired by her great fashion- forward photos. Here are more of her photos…

From @Pause Pictures( Instagram)



Photo by @asa_studios_ke (Instagram)


And some hot @pause pictures (Instagram)


Photo by @sizlopic (Instagram) at Diani Beach



Hope you are inspired and might you wish to know more of her, please ask her in the comment section below…

For advertisements , collaborations and promotions , contact her through her Instagram.




54 thoughts on “Meet The Fashion Model: Keziah Oluomi

  1. Dalene, you look absolutely gorgeous! I used to do a lot of public speaking back in high school, so I know the feeling of that high you get when you’re around people. πŸ™‚

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  2. It was very interesting to read her interview. She is absolutely stunning! I like her advise, no one can be a successful model without discipline, commitment, and endurance.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome photos, indeed red lipstick is something more than charming. Great to know that she learns if not selected in auditions and what to plan next to get selected, I believe every failure is a big learning.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a inspirational interview! She is stunning! I’m sure models have any difficulties to be where they are even little height difference I do believe she is and will be absolutely amazing model!

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  5. Thankyou yall soo much for the love and the wonderful & sweet comments 😍😍😍….
    I honestly appreciate for even taking the time and reading through, ❀
    Thankyou darl for doing the interview, you’re amazing ❀
    I LOVE Y’ALL ❀❀❀😍

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  6. Is that you? Just wondering. Because Images are beautiful. I don’t know much about it, But with your blog I think I can use these tips to give anyone who asks for it. But really good interview blog. Hope you or your friend in image, whoever she is, have a great life ahead.

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  7. OH my stars! She is so beautiful! I love LOVE her tips. Red lipstick is a winning point for every single outfit! Yes! I can imagine that not being picked would be the hardest thing for me as well! When you put yourself out there in such a way it truly makes you vulnerable. But wow! Way to go for it!

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  8. Such an interesting interview. She looks like a real down to earth person but with a strong passion for her craft. I hope she reaches greater success. Thanks for sharing this interview with us. It was nice to know about Keziah.

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  9. She looks stunning, such beautiful skin and features! I loved reading about her experience as a model in fashion and I am really to hear that she had no issues with falling on the catwalk. Much love to her !xoxo

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