How To Clash Strippes And Prints Like A Pro #Rachael Wanjiru

Hello beaus…

Have you ever thought of dressing in only strippes and prints ?And still look like a pro?

Then you have to know of how to clash prints like the fash pro you are. So ,on todays feature , we take a look at Racheal Wanjiru’s closet.

She is a student at JKUAT and bears a great fashion sense. So she shares her stippes-on-prints look and gives us absolute style goals.

Prints take a very playful approach to anyone’s dressing and will sweep the attention of everyone when you consider dressing in them. Thus, be sure of getting noticed, be it in a trashy way or a classic way when you go for this strippes-on-prints trend. Wanna know how to clash strippes and prints like a style pro? Then ride along…



  • Ensure one print stands out while the other acts as an accent.

Be it the strippes or the prints, opt for one to be dominant and stand out while the other only accentuates your style . This means that the accent shouldn’t come out so visibly. This will create a clean impression since attention will be driven to the bolder print.

Here, Rachael opts for her animal print tights which have boulder leopard prints that stand out while her stripped top only flatters her outfit. It is not largely considered as the pants.


  • Mix prints and strippes of different dots and sizes.

She considered pants that are leopard prints while the top is stripped. As clearly seen, the thin strippes are further apart making them not to stand out too much while the leopard prints come out as quite large and close dots.


Thus, it is best to consider a mixture of large and small dots , strippes or prints as long as you mix them sublty ensuring that the dominant is boulder than accent.

  • Opt for prints and strippes in the same color family.

Prints are sophisticated already ,so too much color is not advisable; It’ll make you look like some kindergarten girl! You could let them share a single color for some clean appearance than mixing too much colour which doesn’t come out so well considering you being a lady and not a girl!


I’d also advocate for darks and neutrals when wanting to clash strippes and prints. Colours like blacks , dark blues ,whites ,greys ,browns are so conservative unlike reds ,oranges ,yellows , greens which are too vibrant to even clash!

But if you’d want to clash vibrant colors, bear a monotone or monochrome. For example: pairing a red-and-black stripped skirt and pairing with a red-and-black polka dotted blouse. I swear it looks more of a suit but it’s way better than having to clash too much colors while the patterns are already clashing.

Rachael opted for color brown and for sure, dark brown is dominating her pants while light brown accentuates her top. As much as her top is also stripped white while her pants printed black too, it is a conservative look to not give credit too, right?


  • Minimise on the accessories.

You’re are already sophisticated so accessorise subtly. Keep them in the same color family too and I’d advocate for smaller to chunky accessories for a balanced look!

She wore studs ,a bandana and black ankle boots only and yes, she has a perfectly balanced look, right?


And there you have it diva, go ahead and clash those strippes and prints like a style pro. You’ve loved Rachael’s Style?


Whole outfit- Thrifted.

Photography by Rich.


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40 thoughts on “How To Clash Strippes And Prints Like A Pro #Rachael Wanjiru

  1. This reminds me so much of my daughter’s style! She’s always putting together pieces that I’d never be bold enough to wear and always look terrific! Such a great idea to keep accessories to a minimum, as there’s already a lot going on with look.

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  2. I love to see when people match something that is considered to be ‘unmatchable’ and then when I decide to do that too, it always looks funny on me.:-)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m loving Rachel’s fun loving take on clashing prints. The clashing prints work well on her as all the colours are belonging to the same tonal family. Even the scarf in her hair includes all those brown tawny colours. This is why the outfit blends so well together . Lovely look.

    Liked by 1 person

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