Liebster Award 2017 Nomination!

Hello world!


Today, The Quintessence of Life And Style is a grateful and happy blog because thanks to Zam Fuellos of The Lost Deity , I have been nominated for the Liebster Award 2017.


Zam Fuellos thanks for the nomination! The Lost Deity is a lifestyle blog and it’s inspiring to see that it’s a month old blog yet hitting it right! You should check it at ( )

It’s almost hitting a year for this blog and I’m grateful so much to all my Blogger communities on Facebook among all my readers who have been there to support me in this blogging journey. The Liebster Award is a blogger award that exists on the Internet and aims to celebrate young bloggers. I’m inspired with the nomination that indeed great lies ahead.

Inspiration Behind The Quintessence of Life And Style

Dalene Ekirapa was born early 2017 after a step into blogging inspired by Lucia Musau, an award-winning Kenyan fashion blogger.

Drop by and she’ll inspire your outfit at a time as her tagline goes! I’ve been an avid reader of her blog since 2014 and I hope to grow Dalene Ekirapa to such greatness as well!


1.Why Do You Blog?

I blog with the main aim for inspiring the style of ladies by sharing my looks and others’ selected looks among sharing a glance through my travel life.

2. What Is Your Blog About? 

The Quintessence of Life And Style is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog. If you want life in style inspiration, then here’s home!

3. Favourite Song and Favourite Color At The Moment?

Not a bad thing by Justin Timberlake is my current favourite song, I mean, ever since it hit the airwaves. Royal blue is also the color sparkling in my wardrobe of late.

4. If You Are Given Free Round-up Tickets, Where Would You Go And Why?

I’d go to Hawaii anyday anytime with my round-up ticket. Ever since I watched The Waterworld starring Steven Costner, I fell in love with the Waipio Valley on the Big Island, also referred to as The Valley of Kings.

5. What Do You Imagine Of Your Proposal? If You Are Already Engaged , How Did It Happen?

A romantic proposal at the Valley of Kings while on a getaway in Hawaii will do it for me, even if the ring is a wooden one! Hah!



Congratulations to the nominees, I loved all your blogs and would be glad if after answering my 11 questions, you’ll post the link to your blogpost concerning the Liebster Award Nomination in the comment section below that I could have a look at.


1. What is the best thing you’ve learnt since you started blogging?

2. What is the inspiration behind your blog?

3. Your favourite book and author?

4. What are 5 of your daily must-haves?

5. How many countries have you visited?

6. What is your favourite movie and why?

7. Train ride or flight?

8. What can’t you fail to do in the morning?

9.Your dream in the blogging industry?

10. Cold seasons or sunny seasons? Why?

11. Share with us your plan for Christmas.

Please read through the official rules of the Liebster Award 2017 at the site The Global Aussie ( )and check out for the guidelines.





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