From a movie geek to a fashion lover!!!

​Everyone has a story behind everything they do…why I got into the intoxicating world of fashion is also my story. See how I turned from a movie geek to having a soft spot for the gorgeous world of designs, colours and shapes…


Behind the wide,rolled-down curtains , I listen to the plaudit to the previous model . She,  with a fine petite body dressed in green African attire and carrying a pot, is just from the runway and it is my turn . Being the cultural night in school , I have crafted a costume unique to my traditions. I always enjoy cultural distinctions thus marvelling the beautiful look of traditional costumes, or rather , designs…like the one below

“Cheers to this yellow zebra shift dress by Airvy that the beautiful Ghananian Oge Agu wore during the launch of the Carlitos Grill/Tabu Lounge! ” 

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     Wondering why I call it a traditional design? Don’t you remember how                  clothes in the early ages were made out of animal skin? And this piece,                  just got zebra prints! Haha:)

Ahaaa! The music beats softly as I model through the runway . I had made myself up . My overall costume : a short skirt made from chunks of green interconnected palm leaves , a top ornamented with red intertwined hibiscus flowers and my sandals , bedecked with green leaves and red flowers .
Whilst, a wistful thought rides me back down to that first moment when I was introduced to the intoxicating world of fashion.  I was in the mall , clutching a pile of ‘James Bond’s’ movie collections , trying to convince my mother to purchase them for me. Impatiently , I only thought of watching them once I got home .

As my mother bargained with the seller, I explored the mall . That was when I saw it : the flash of a sleeveless orange crop top and a knee-high brown Ankara pencil skirt struck my eyes. All with bold dizzying prints. For a moment , I was frozen . Something about the combination caught me by the throat and, though I didn’t understand , I couldn’t look away . Taking a tentative step forward , I shifted the set of discs over to one arm, and reached out for the piece of design before me. I loved its combination, and even imagined myself in such outfit.  I want this ! I assured myself…

Ladies , what about such an amazing Ankara print ? Wouldn’t you love it like I did?

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I was startled . And completely and totally enamored. After contemplating on what I now wanted , I knew that I could not leave this combo behind. I rushed back and pulled my mother into the boutique . This was the first time I prioritized something for movies . Since then , I shifted my attention to the gorgeous world of designs , colors, and shapes.

I opted to surf through the Internet on fashion , and Pinterest proved fashionable . Downloading uncountable pictures of fashion bloggers , buying the ‘Style ‘ and ‘Fashion ‘ magazines , following fashion blogs and piling up fashion pages I plucked from the Saturday Nation newspaper became my avocation . Consequently, I made my own fashion scrap book. All my discoveries from the numerous fashion trends were recorded here.  I’d decorate my bedroom wall with pictures of fashionistas ; the white paint now embellished with Lucia Musau’s fashion trends ,  Maite Perroni’s corset dressing styles, and designer inspirations from their blogs.The crazy patterns and wild mix of colours became spontaneous , and my eyes dwelled on more art-like outfits . It was a world I knew I had to be part of as much as I could not grasp more of it then.

So,if you are an avid follower of Lucia Musau like I am, look at this…you will admire her more!

Now catwalking out of the runway , I catch a glimpe of my friend. In my world , I hear her say , ‘This is where you belong ! Go for it ! Awesome outfit! ‘

And here I am……


I have come to discover that what I portray myself with my fashion tells more of how I feel about myself . Hence,  I enjoy being at my best . That’s just it — that’s what my clothes help me to do. Fashion helps me whip up into a fantasy world — one where any color rules. Floral , denim , any print rules. Short , long , all materials flirt , and lets me put my hands around that dream ; daring me to incorporate it into my life. I only wish to continue until I am crowned a master of arts in fashion .

And there you have it….that is my story….

Thank you for riding along with me...


                                                                                 Dalene Ekirapa!